Beverage Depot Rewards Program 

  • For each dollar spent by customer, he/she will receive one point ($1 = 1 point).
  • Customer can redeem every 200 points (for example: 200, 400, 600, etc.,)
  • Every 200 points that the customer earns is equal to a $3 dollar discount (subject to change)
  • On birthdays, customer can get a 5% discount on their purchase (unless other discount like case purchase has already been applied). In other words there is no double discount
  • Rewards can be redeemed on next purchase only (example: reward points granted on Monday can be redeemed from Tuesday onwards)
  • If customer brings a person both purchase over $25.00 only original customer earns 200 additional bonus points not new customer
  • Minimum redemption is $3.00 (200 points)

call us:

BD1: (214) 823-4011
BD2: (214) 350-0029
BD3: (469)-802-9661

*If printing error on website prices, store prices prevail. We are sorry.